Tech for Health


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Where Tech for Health Matters


Tech for health covers a broad range of different technology fields, levels of scale and areas of application, including:

Assistive technology

Often outside the hospital, assistive technologies help those with a visual, sensory or cognitive impairment to live more independently. Robotics and computing are generating many of the new assistive technology breakthroughs, such as thought-activated software and advanced prosthetics.

Sensors + Tests

Obtaining medical data from patients is becoming increasingly easier and more sophisticated: advances in microelectronics have enabled a new generation of wear-on biomedical sensors, while in-vitro diagnostics continue to break ground with new regimens like liquid biopsies.

Med biotech

At the microscopic level, new products in medical biotechnology include small molecules (and increasingly secondary metabolites), as well as more complex biologic treatments. Synthetic biology and bioengineering tools promise to deliver the next waves of these products.

Digital Health

The digital revolution is bearing fruit in new models of health services, such as remote and self-monitoring, health information and telehealth consultations and other services. Advances in analytic software also continue to improve the effectiveness of medical imaging technologies, supporting the move to data-driven diagnoses.

Future gazing


Digital Health + Care

With a rapidly ageing population, care and treatment of long-term health conditions demands large-scale innovation. Our universities’ focus on health sciences, network of hospitals and vibrant digital sector could combine to make the area a leading test bed for digitised health and care services.

Business leaders


Some of the businesses linked to tech for health in the region include:

Sector Landscape


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