Our Purpose


We are growing the bioeconomy by helping the business community engage with bioproducts and bioprocesses in four ways:

Improve Existing

We help emerging biotechs to improve their products, processes and services through market analysis, research collaborations and direct innovation support.

Adapt to Make

Where business sectors have an opportunity to grow by adapting to make bioproducts, we work to define this opportunity with the individual businesses and support them to deliver an adaptation strategy.

Buy In

We raise the awareness of businesses in the wider bioeconomy of opportunities to buy in bioproducts or bioprocesses where the businesses could benefit from their adoption.

Encourage Demand

With larger OEMs and supply chain leaders we are developing initiatives to encourage the piloting and diffusion of biotech innovation through supply chains to address key challenges shared by the wider industry.

These four areas of activity are supported by GoBio’s 8-point sector development strategy, outlined here: