Priority sectors


Working with regional partners, we have identified the following priority sectors in our region:

Industrial Biotech

Advances in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology are now making applications of industrial biotech more commercially viable than ever before, in fields such as food, chemical and waste processing.

Tech for Health

A broadening definition of ‘tech for health’ includes the use of software and engineered foods to prevent illness and maximise the efficiency of the health system.

Agri Bio

Agri-bio innovations relate to improved crop and livestock varieties, better chemical and biological preparations, soil health, disease and pest treatments and the mechanical and digital technologies used in advanced farming and harvesting.

Food / Health

Food and health innovations driven by genomic technologies and microbiology could lead to new food and cosmetic products and therapies for diseases linked to diet and gut health.

Digital Biology

Better interpretation of biological variation at the micro and macro levels can support decision-making across a wide range of industries, while DNA synthesis and computer-controlled bioengineering technologies could herald a bioindustrial revolution.