Opportunity Platforms


To realise the opportunity of our regional biotech and bioeconomy sector, we are creating platforms that connect innovators from business, academia and the wider community.

Sector Leadership Group

GoBio facilitates the Life Science and Biotech Sector Group for Norfolk and Suffolk, which seeks to recommend and implement strategies for growing our regional biotech sector and clusters.

Norwich Biomakers

The Norwich Biomakers group brings together an interdisciplinary group interested in the cross-over with design, technology, engineering, electronics, software, art and much more.

Entrepreneurial Researchers Group

The Entrepreneurial Researchers Group brings together scientists across the region who are serious about entrepreneurship, creating a single group for the GoBio team to connect to mentors, business partners, investors and industry collaborators.

Special Interest Groups

GoBio’s Special Interest Groups bring industry leads from a particular sub-sector or supply chain together with researchers, public sector representatives and other supporters, to define specific solutions that will benefit the special interest in question.

Online Challenge Platform

To help foster an open environment for innovation, the GoBio team will post challenges and opportunities relating to biotech, bioproducts and the wider bioeconomy.