Growth Opportunities


Based on our analysis of our priority sectors, we have identified a number of high-potential opportunities for our regional bioeconomy.

Advanced Biomaterials

The market pull from global industries seeking renewable raw materials, an existing composites business cluster and the suitability of our soilfor growing non-food crops together suggest our region could be an excellent home for future biomaterials industries.




As new technology platforms such as high-throughput sequencing, genome editing and synthetic biology become more accessible, this century could see a proliferation of new modes of bio-based manufacturing.



Biomass Innovation

Leading the nation for crop productivity and a focus on general cropping suggest our region’s agricultural base could easily be incentivised to adopt innovative biomass production and downstream processing methods.



Biosensors + Diagnostics

The increasing emphasis on personalised medicine as a solution to complex health conditions requires a step-change in the quantity and availability of biomedical diagnostic tests. Our region’s research and industrial strengths cut across both medical and agricultural applications.


Digital Health + Care

Technology has changed the way we live, work and interact, and now robotics, connected devices and software innovation together promise to have a transformative impact on health and care, addressing the ageing population challenge.


Microbiome Products

Our region’s research into microbes and their environments is truly world leading. As specific relationships between microbiota and their environments are identified, new types of product category are beginning to emerge.