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Where Food / Health Matters


The advent of genome sequencing promises a renewed understanding of the relationship between food, diet and health, including areas such as:

Genomic analysis

Underpinning these new cross-disciplinary research fields and product categories are continuously improving tools for characterising and understanding the genomes of both ourselves and our resident microbiota.

Foods and probiotics

Advances in plant breeding, food processing and our understanding of microbial communities are enabling the development of foods and probiotic supplements with health-promoting properties.

Microbiome therapies

At the cutting edge of this new field are advanced therapies that seek to engineer human microbiomes to improve health, through addition or subtraction of key species or overall modulation of the ecosystem.

Future gazing


Microbiome Products

Our region’s world-class expertise in plant, food and microbial biotechnology has substantial commercial potential in the form of agri-microbiome and health microbiome products and services.

Business leaders


Some of the businesses linked to food and health in the region include:

Sector Landscape


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