Digital Biology


sequencing and sensors  |  big data handling  |  bioengineering & synthetic biology

Where Digital Biology Matters


Digitisation of biological analysis and manufacturing processes will be revolutionary this century. The tools for digital biology can be found in a number of categories, including:

Sensors + sequencing

Advances in sequencing technology have made it possible to observe nature’s biodiversity on the level of individual species, individuals and cells, at exponentially increasing speed and exponentially decreasing cost.

Big data handling

Turning genome data into useful information for citizens and customers is a key social and commercial priority, and advances in areas of computing like machine learning are being harnessed to solve these challenges.

Synthetic biology + bioengineering

The dual developments of DNA synthesis technologies which do not require a living organism, and improving abilities for scaling the growth of these engineered organisms, both promise to transform many conventional industries.

Future gazing



Recent breakthroughs in the links between computing science and biology have related to the emergence of synthetic biology technologies such as DNA synthesis and genome editing – all of which pave the way for flexible, distributed biomanufacturing.

Business leaders


Some of the businesses in areas related to digital biology in our region include:

Sector Landscape


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