Context – Challenge & Opportunity


GoBio is working to address key challenges and opportunities for the bioeconomy across the East of England.



An ageing population


  • More over-65s than average in an ageing world
  • Increasing pressure on health and care services
  • Economic potential of older generations currently being missed

Climate & pollution


  • Climate change a major global challenge
  • Adaptation will be costly for many industries
  • Increasing regulation of materials use and sustainability

Food & energy security


  • Energy use continues to rise, putting pressure on supply
  • Ongoing tension between use of agricultural land for food or energy
  • Food production and processing a key sector for the region


Distributed biomanufacturing


  • Synthetic biology approaches enabling wider access to high-value bioprocesses
  • Existing ‘craft’ bioindustries a source of future bio-entrepreneurs
  • 5 of the 8 BBSRC strategic institutes are in the East of England

A circular economy


  • Bio-based feedstocks key to the emergence of a circular economy
  • East of England produced more crops in 2015 than anywhere in UK
  • Largest group of top 100 Norfolk + Suffolk companies are in food

The microbiome


  • Microbiome a new source of products for food, health and agriculture
  • £80m Quadram food & health institute expected later in 2018
  • Plant microbiome a key area of expertise across the region