Sector Challenges + Opportunities


Below are a set of specific challenges and opportunities relating to biotech, bioproducts and the wider bioeconomy. Get in touch if you have a solution, or submit your own challenge and opportunity below.

Biotech Challenges + Opportunities

OPPORTUNITY: On-shoring a Biocomposites Supply Chain

Global industries like construction and automotive are increasingly looking at bio-based composite materials for lightweight, environmentally friendly parts and inputs. Our region has many of the components of a biocomposites supply chain already in place, so members of this supply chain or other interested parties are invited to submit their ideas for how they will realise this opportunity.

OPPORTUNITY: High-value Biomanufacturing in Plants

Plant genomics and biotechnology is increasingly demonstrating the potential of these living factories for the production of high-value pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals. We are looking for automation, engineering and innovative agricultural businesses to realise the potential of this biotechnological opportunity.

OPPORTUNITY: Brewing Higher Value Products

Our region has a well-established brewing sector, with a thriving craft industry and innovative larger producers. Brewing is also one of the oldest biotech industries, using yeast to produce alcohol from bio-based feedstocks. Submissions are welcome from metabolic engineers and innovative brewers as to how they might make higher-value products from their knowledge and equipment.

CHALLENGE: A Supported Route to Entrepreneurship for Researchers

For many researchers who have good commercial ideas, the route to entrepreneurship often presents a mixed set of incentives. We are looking for mentors, investors and specialist support providers to submit their ideas about how they can improve the journey from research to revenue.

CHALLENGE: Implementing Technological Solutions for an Ageing Population

Our region has one of the oldest populations in the country, on average, and so the challenge of meeting the health and care needs is even more pressing here than in the rest of the UK. Technological solutions exist to many of the specific problems within this broader challenge, but we invite businesses, clinicians and researchers to present their ideas for successful, regional implementation of these solutions.

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