Agri Bio


plant and microbial biotech  |  diagnostics & disease control  |  biomass value chain

Where Agri-Bio Matters


Agricultural applications of biotech and improvements to the technological supply chain have generated several areas of expertise in the region, including:

Diagnostics + treatments

Biosensors and advanced diagnostic tools can enable agricultural businesses to monitor the overall health of their crops and livestock, and combined with biotech-derived treatments will support the long-term health of organisms and the overall industry.

Precision agriculture

The arrival of big data, biosensors and the Internet of Things will allow farmers to tend and survey their crops and livestock in a ‘per plant, per animal’ level of detail.

Higher-value biomass

Innovation of the biomass value chain from agriculture includes novel sources of biomass such as algae and seaweed, processing techniques such as engineered organisms, and end-products such as biofuels, biopolymers and biocomposites.

Future gazing


Biomass innovation

Our leading position for crop productivity and a focus on general cropping suggest our region’s agricultural base could be easily incentivised to adopt innovative biomass production and downstream processing methods.

Business leaders


Some of the businesses linked to agri-bio in the region include:

Sector Landscape


Through these links below you can access content relating to this priority sector, including a sector intelligence report and an online business map.